International Program Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get from the airport to the IHV?

There are 3-4 ways to get to the IHV from the

airport. If you arrive in Washington D.C., you can

choose between train or bus. If you arrive in

New York you can also fly by plane. If you choose

a plane from New York, it departs from La Guardia

to Newport News and then you can take a taxi to

the IHV. The most popular and cheapest way is

the bus. For schedules and rates you can check

the websites listed below.


Where will I live while working at


Most students working at BG/WCUSA will live in

the IHV (dormitory style) – private housing property

owned and subsidized by Busch Gardens. The

IHV is located 10-15 minutes from the parks.


When can I arrive to the IHV?

To minimize the time before starting to work

students must arrive on Sundays and Mondays.

Orientation and job assignments are done on

Tuesdays. The IHV is open 24 hours a day.


Can I live with my girlfriend/boyfriend in the same room?

Separate rooming facilities are provided for males

and females, co-habitation is not permitted.


Is there internet access in the IHV?

Free High-Speed internet access is available in the

IHV clubhouse for all residents. WiFi is available

everywhere in the IHV.


How do I call from the USA?

IHV rooms are equipped with phones for receiving/

making calls. Phone cards can be used to make

long distance and international calls. Local calls

are free. International phone cards can be

purchased in our employee store, local shops as

well as on the internet.


What is the legal age of drinking alcohol in the USA?

What are the rules about alcohol in the IHV?

The legal drinking age in the USA is 21. Alcoholic

beverages are permitted on IHV property.

Persons who are under the age of 21 who are

found drinking or are under the influence of

alcohol in the IHV may face separation. Persons over 21 years of age may have, in moderation, beer and wine on IHV property. No liquor products (vodka,

whiskey, gin, etc.) are allowed on IHV property.

Residents that violate this code are subject to disciplinary action and separation from the company.


How can I get from the IHV to BG/WCUSA?

Transportation to and from work is provided at no cost to residents.


How do I get my Social Security number?

Please do not fill out forms requesting a Social

Security number prior to arriving to the IHV.

Busch Gardens will complete this process with you

when you reach the IHV.


Can I choose my job at BG/WCUSA?

If hired, you will be assigned a job depending on Park needs during your job offer process.


How many hours can I work weekly?

BG/WCUSA  doesn’t guarantee hours. Work hours may vary based upon park operating hours and park attendance as well as weather conditions.


How much will I earn per hour?

Pay rates are from $8.00 per hour depending on the exact job assignment. Team members are paid biweekly on Fridays.


Should I buy specific clothes to work?

A costume will be provided at no cost to you, for work

purposes. You will need to purchase or provide

appropriate footwear for this costume at the time it is

issued to you. We recommend that you buy shoes in the USA, because footwear may vary depending on the exact job assignment.


Can I have a second job?

It is permissible to have a second job. Remember that your primary job is BG/WCUSA and your second job should not interfere with your position in BGW/WCUSA.


What can I do in my free time?

There are many ways you can spend your free time.

Some may include excursions to Washington DC,

Virginia Beach, Jamestown and Yorktown. Team

Members have free access to the park as well as

Team Member only nights and special events at the

park. The IHV has many facilities for residents to use

in their free time including a swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball, bikes, billiards, table tennis as well as other organized free activities for residents. The local area is a tourist hot spot for great shopping. If you like designer clothes and great gifts, then shopping in Williamsburg is for you.


Typical positions for International Program participants are:


• Area Host/Hostess

• Food Handler

• Ride Operator

• Cashiers

• Games

• Bakery

• Lifeguard

• Shallow Water Host/Hostess

• Gift Shop Host/Hostess.